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  • Tina Fey Dazzzling Photobomb at Golden Globes

    What could be sexier than Golden Globe nominee Amy Poehler in a dazzling silver sequined, netted dress with her hair puffed out, winking to the camera? Well, since you ask, without getting too graphic, the above stated image with Poehler’s former Weekend Update host and show biz buddy Tina Fey popping up in the background.

    Ah, yes, now the fantasy is complete. But wait a second, that’s not just fantasy, that really happened! Last night at the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. 

    While Ricky Gervais was lashing out at celebrities, Poehler was looking beautiful and Tina Fey were looking beautiful popping here head in the frame as they announced Poehler "Best Actress in a Television Series - Comedy or Musical". 

    The Internet was ablaze this morning with this cute photobomb that captures there moment quite well.

    Sorry ladies, although Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are both talented and diverse comedic performers, they lost to Laura Dern for the award on this round!


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