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It seems sin and comedy has always gone hand in hand, and no other place in the world personifies this as much as Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a long and colorful history, as well as a reputation for gangsters, excess and gambling. However, few people know that long before the tiny comedy clubs of New York and LA were fostering burgeoning talent, Las Vegas stages selling out shows by comedians like the Marx Brothers, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Sammy Davis. Despite the Great Depression, Las Vegas (and gambling) continued to flourish, and in 1941, the El Rancho Vegas became the first hotel and casino to book entertainment acts (including comedians) to entertain guests. Soon, other hotels followed suit and entertainers like Don Rickles, Buddy Hackett, Shecky Greene, and Alan King were drawing audiences to the Strip.  These comedians kept the gamblers and non-gamblers entertained, and kept the jokes flowing 24 hours a day. Luck has indeed been a lady every night, with these Las Vegas performers:

Las Vegas Comedy

Las Vegas started out in the middle of the desert - the valley being an oasis in an otherwise dry wasteland. Gambling, girls and gangsters have long been a part of Las Vegas history, and along with these, the comedians and other entertainers have come along for the ride. No one would every think that being out in the middle of the desert but now Las Vegas comedians are laughing all the way to the bank. Comedians in Las Vegas enjoy a special privilege - being in such an exciting city, surrounded by glitz and glamour only this city of Sin. This is a 24-hour paradise - where gambling, drinking, shows and laughs are available at any time of the day.

Las Vegas comedy shows are a hot ticket for tourists, and there are many shows to choose from - just walk down the glittering Strip or the classic Fremont St - almost any hotel/casino worth its salt has a comedian on their payroll. This city, one of the most popular International and domestic tourist attractions in the US attracts over 30 million tourists per year. Las Vegas comedians do one show and end up moving to this fabulous city! One of the longest-running acts in Vegas is Rita Rudner’s hilarious, side-splitting one-woman show. Rudner knows how to hold it all on her own - and has been doing it for almost 10 years with her soft-spoken wit, clever jokes and comedic timing.

Las Vegas comedy clubs have always been attached to the casinos and their history. The first casinos sprang up around the highway going towards Los Angeles, and is today known affectionately as “The Strip.” The El Rancho Vegas was the first, and was soon followed by  Last Frontier, Thunderbird and Club Bingo. But if you’re talking comedy and history, then The Riviera Club is one venue that has seen most of it. Originally owned by the original comedy group, The Marx Brothers, Th Riviera has seen the rise of many comedians, like headliners Dean Martin and even Liberace. Despite its history of bankruptcy over the years, it still continues to host the funniest comedy shows in Las Vegas today.

The Flamingo is another classic hotel and casino, built by gangster Bugsy Seigal himself. Its Las Vegas comedy club now hosts the “Funniest Comedian in Las Vegas” Vinnie Favorito, who hails all the way from Boston and traveled west to become a premiere of the the  Las Vegas comedians of today. There’s many Las Vegas comedy shows on the Strip and on Fremont St., but it is the classic stand-up comedians that many people flock to Las Vegas for (aside from the gambling and debauchery).
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